When we found out we were pregnant with Stetson and that he was due in October, there was definitely a moment of panic! How could we possibly have a baby during harvest?! Well, funny thing is we aren’t in control and God had a perfect plan.

It was October 4th, 2016. I was 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I woke up all night with “back pain.” Thinking I had just overdone it the day before by walking 2 miles and mowing the lawn, I kept ignoring said “back pain” and tried going back to sleep. It rained all night long. This might seem like a random thing to remember… but when you farm and you’re also super pregnancy during the busiest time of year, this is a very important detail.

I’ll save you all the details of my first birth. Long story short, that “back pain” was actually back labor and I was very much going to have a baby that day. When I got to the hospital that afternoon I was 4-5cm and Stetson joined us later that evening.

The rain took the stress off of Levi and the rest of the family for us to be gone for a few days. This is probably a good time to note that if it had not rained, Levi still would have attended the birth of our child! I think the rain was just God’s way of easing that initial panic we had about having our first baby in the midst of harvest. The rain kept the family out of the field for a few days and made having a harvest baby a tiny bit simpler!

Fast forward six years to October 4th, 2022. Stetson requested his favorite Zucchini casserole for lunch AND he was adamant that we all eat at the field together in the red van. The red van is where we usually eat lunch during harvest, but with Stetson in kindergarten he hadn’t been home for a van lunch yet this harvest.

Van lunch, followed by presents at the field and a couple of rounds in the auger wagon with his dad. Home for a much needed birthday nap, then a nice steak supper to round out the day. Yes, he requested said steak and said “make sure it’s tender, mom!” One of these days he will realize that our steaks are ALWAYS tender ;)

Happy Birthday Stetson! You will always be the surprise that became the biggest blessing we didn’t know we needed!

Love you, kid.