hey best friends! 

I’m Jena Ochsner

A farmer, farm wife, mother to two farm kids, and advocate for all things agriculture. My husband, Levi, and I live and work on his family’s 5th generation farm where we raise corn, soybeans, cattle, and country kids. I share our daily life on the farm on Instagram and Facebook and ship our homegrown beef from our farm to families all across the country.

Along with agriculture, I am passionate about my faith and living
an overall healthy lifestyle all while enjoying the great outdoors
with my family.

Five generations of
faith, family, and farming

Our family has been raising cows and crops in small town Nebraska since 1885. We, along with our two boys, Stetson and Crawford, live on the original family homestead that is nestled just outside of Sutton, Nebraska and is home base for all things Double O Farms. Over the last 135+ years, the family has farmed numerous crops and raised a variety of livestock including pigs, lambs, chickens, and cows. Our current operation is focused on growing commercial corn and soybeans and tending to our Angus cattle. We farm alongside Levi’s parents, Jeff and Sheila Ochsner. When the farm isn’t keeping them busy, Jeff and Sheila also operate a crop insurance business with Jeff’s dad, Darv Ochsner. Grandpa Darv still comes back to the farm to help when we need it during harvest and other busy times of the year. We cherish the fact that we’re able to have three generations (four if we’re counting Stetson) all working together to carry on the family farming traditions.

We feel incredibly blessed that the farm has survived so many generations. It has by no means been an easy road. With a lot of hard work, strong family values, and a whole lot of Jesus we are proud to be raising the sixth generation of Ochsner’s right here on the land where it all started so many years ago.

original beef

Local family and friends have been enjoying shares of our homegrown beef for years and we love that we’ve been able to provide high quality meat to the people so dear to us. Nonetheless, we’ve been dreaming of a way to reach families both near and far. The time is now, and we are thrilled with the opportunity to share our beef all over the country. We invite you to get to know us and follow along on this journey. From our farm to your family, let us share our homegrown, dry aged beef with YOU!

old fashion

Our Promise

We believe in transparency and integrity. The farming and ranching technology advancements over the last century are pretty amazing. Tractors can drive themselves, apps can tell us when a pivot breaks down and how much rain fell on each field and pasture. But, when it comes to raising livestock, we’re still doing the same old fashioned things our ancestors did when they first settled on these lands so many years ago. Our cattle always eat before we do and their water never runs dry. Our daily care ensures the herd is as healthy and happy as possible.

highest quality


Our Mission

To provide you with the highest quality and best beef you’ve ever tasted. We pride ourselves in raising our animals humanely and with the utmost respect. Our cattle spend their lives roaming and grazing on our green, grassy pastures and are finished on a blend of sedan grass silage, hay, alfalfa, and corn all grown right here on our family farm.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9

8 Reasons to Try
Double O Beef


Homegrown right here on the land our family has tended for over 130 years.


We take pride in providing our cattle with the most humane care possible from the time they are born until the time they are harvested .


Dry aged for 21+ days to provide exceptional flavor and tenderness.


Our animals are never treated with growth hormones or routine antibiotics.


Our cows live happy lives roaming lush grass pastures and chowing on a finishing blend as they please.


Our finishing blend has been fine tuned over the last three generations to provide meat with the perfect marbling and flavor.


Finished for 120+ days to provide the best beef you’ve ever tasted.


Decades of good genetics have helped produce a docile herd that we interact with every single day.

Drive Back Roads

My parents always used to tell me to “drive back roads.” It took me years to figure out what they meant by that and even longer for me to realize that little saying is the root of everything I share online. When I share our life on the farm, my goal is to show the honest, raw, salt of the earth truth and lifestyle behind agriculture. To give people a breath of fresh air and to show them what life is like down the road less traveled. When I represent your brand, I have that same goal. For whoever our content might reach to feel educated, empowered, and encouraged.

my motto